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4Property Solutionsoffers a specialised property management and portfolio planning service to investors in the property market. We pride ourselves in providing property solutions through our experienced and dedicated staff who will advise and mentor investors through the entire purchasing, letting and selling process.

This Pretoria-based company was established in 2003 and has grown in stature through the years, breaking targets on a daily basis. To date 4Property Solutions has attained residential developments, various individual properties and a host of clients, which fall under our expert management.

At 4Property Solutions our primary focus is to deliver a specialised, value-added service to those individuals who are serious about property investment. Furthermore, we are absolutely committed to meeting the particular needs of our clients through efficient service delivery and the upholding of our strong values. We proudly offer a level of service that is constantly innovative, dynamic and transparent.

We work on the principle of mutual respect and understanding for the requirements of our clients and we make it our duty to reassure our clients that every transaction with 4Property Solutions is a worthwhile investment.

What makes us unique is the fact that we care. We don’t simply sell property, we sell peace of mind! We want to make sure that individual clients make the best investment decisions. We want to guide them in accruing and managing properties that can actually make a difference in their personal lives and investment portfolio’s.

Our extensive property management services incorporate long-term plus holiday home letting, as well as buying and selling, mortgage origination, financial planning and extensive property administration.

We strongly believe that our success is greatly attributed to our experienced staff and directors, who boast an extensive knowledge in Customer Relations and Real Estate Management, and an immense dedication at providing the ultimate in Property Management.

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